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Tigers are wild animals that can’t be tamed easily due to their aggressive behavior, that’s why we’re not recommending you get a tiger as a pet. Even so, there are some people who keep a tiger as their beloved pet, even playing around with this predator animal. If you are thinking of getting one, you should know better their natural behavior. In this article, we’ll help you to name your tiger. We’ve covered all the best tiger names from cute, famous, even baby tiger names. 

Best Tiger Names

tiger names

Tiger names are vague and we can see a lot of suggestions around the internet. One cool thing about our list of over 500 tiger names is that we included several categories of options for you to choose from. Some of them include names that mean tiger, tiger names commonly used in zoos, and even Bengal tiger names.

Top Famous Tiger Names


Let us not get too serious with the tough and cool tiger names. We have also prepared a list of over 50 famous tiger names that you might have probably heard of. Tigers have been famous especially in cartoons and animated films so included here are tiger names in movies and tiger names in Disney.

Top Cute Tiger Names


If you have a cub or you have seen one, why not give it a cute name? After all they are cute and adorable while they are still small. Check our list of over 50 cute tiger names that are fit for a cub or even a small cat.


What is a good name for a tiger?

There are many good names for a tiger, we love the name Kenway that means courageous warrior (English), you can also name a tiger by Tony, Blaze, or Razor. 

What is a good name for a white tiger?

You can name your white tiger by Shiro which means white (Japan), or you can name your tiger by Willow, Sirius, or Pearl

What a cute name for a baby tiger (cubs)?

You can name a baby tiger (cub) by Yura which means love freedom (Greek), also we love Felix, Tygra or Yepa.


Tigers need a large and high secured place to live if you want to keep them as pets because they can jump, climb and swim to take their way out. There are many cases that tigers escaped from zoos and frightened people they met. If you have a tiger as a pet, make sure to tame him/her, and one of the ways to tame him/her by giving a name. Don’t worry since we also have a tiger name generator to help you create one that you would prefer. Hope this article will help you to find a fit name for your tiger.

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