100+ Lunar Cat Names – Unique Cat Name Ideas Inspired By Moon


Everything in the sky is full of inspiration, especially the moon since it’s beautiful when it comes to the full moon. That’s why it’s a good idea to name your cute cat with a lunar name. 

When we think about the lunar name, our first thoughts would be luna, since it rhymes with lunar. But there are many name ideas you can find inspired by the moon. 

So here are our lunar cat names that will help you out to find a cute and unique cat name.

Male Lunar Cat Names

Male Lunar Cat Names Meanings Origins
Artemis Moon Greek
Altair Bird, star Arabic
Dara Compassion, wisdom, angel of rains and rivers Irish
Zeke The memory of the lord English
Oberon English Noble, bearlike English
Mars God Of War Latin
Apollo The mythological god of light and truth Greek
Gemini The Twins Latin
Hercules Glory of Hera Greek
Sirius Burning Latin
Rocket To move swiftly and powerfully Word
Seren For Serendipidity Welsh
Halley Woodland clearing Scottish
Vega Falling star Arabic
Aries A ram Latin
Chang Smooth, free, unhindered Chinese
Jericho Place In Israel Hebrew
Jupiter Zeus, Father Roman
Atlas Endures, Suffers Greek
Draco Dragon Italian
Mercury Trade God Latin
Vulcan To flash Latin
Orion Son of Fire Greek
Phoenix Mystical Bird, Purple Greek
Alfred Wise counsel English
Leo Lion Latin
Timothy Honoring God Greek
Cosmo Order, universe Italian

Female Lunar Cat Name

Female Lunar Cat Names Meanings Origins
Libra Scales, balance Greek
Maia Nurse, mother, goddess of spring great Greek
Belinda Beautiful snake Spanish
Leda Happy Greek
Larissa Name of a city, mythical woman; cheerful one Latin
Moon Moon American
Luz Light Spanish
Fay Fairy English
Pandora Talented one Greek
Nyx Greek goddess of night Greek
Rhiannon Divine queen Welsh
Venus Love and Beauty Latin
Delia Visible from delos Greek
Leila Dark as the night Persian
Astrid Star, super strength, divine strength Norse
Eloise Intelligent, smart Teutonic
Indu Moon Hindi
Nanna Graceful one Scandinavian
Juliet Youthful English
Mika Abbreviation of Michaela:Micaela: Mikaela: Mikayla: Mychaela: Mikella. Feminine of Michael gift from God Japanese
Norma The pattern English
Aurora Dawn Latin
Astra Like a star Latin
Cassiopeia Clever Greek
Deva Divine, shining one Hindi
Lilith Character in Cheers Assyrian
Miranda Admirable Latin
Luna Moon Latin
Bianca White Italian
Titania Giant Greek
Ceres Mythical God Of The Harvest Latin
Twila Woven with a double thread English
Monday Moon day English
Galaxy Galaxy, Universe English
Laila Night, dark beauty Arabic
Aisha Living, prosperous Arabic
Cadence Rhythm, beat Latin
Lila Night Arabic
Ayla Oak tree Hebrew
Nova A star that suddenly becomes much brighter Latin
Pallas Wisdom Greek
Cressida Gold Greek
Chandra After the East Indian name for moonlight Hindi
Estella Star Latin
Andromeda Beautiful maiden rescued by perseus Greek
Stella A star Latin
Thea Goddess, sort Greek
Phoebe Bright one Greek
Luciana Light Italian
Lyra Lyre Greek
Tara A hill where the kings met Irish
Cordelia In Shakespeare’s King Lear a woman of rare honesty Latin
Bellatrix A blue eruptive variable star Hebrew
Asta Bright As A Star Latin
Isis Throne Egyptian
Diana Divine Latin
Rosalind Beautiful Latin
Ophelia Serpentine Greek
Amaris Amaris meaning child of the moon is the astrological name for Cancer Latin
Crescent One who creates Anglo-French
Rhea Stream, mother; poppy Greek
Ariel Lioness of god Hebrew
Ursa Form of Ursula Greek
Io Pronounced: Ee-Oh Greek
Nisha Hindu for night Hindi
Selena After the goddess Selene Latin
Zona Girth, Sash Latin
Koko Stork Japanese
Celeste Heavenly Latin
Comet A celestial body Nature
Skye Sky, sheltering Scottish

Unisex And Gender neutral Cat Names

Unisex Lunar Cat Names Meanings Origins
Selina Moon Greek
Deimos Fear, terror Greek
Amalthea To Soften, To Soothe Greek
Aylin The Oak Tree Hebrew
Maha Great Hindu
Celina Heavenly English
Mizuki Beautiful Moon Japanese
Helios Sun Greek
Yue Moon Latin
Callisto A satellite of the planet Jupiter Greek
Aku Moon God Arabic
Esther Star Persian

If you love the sky and are destined to name your cat a sky inspired name, try our space names for cats. Or you can visit our cat name generator for the easiest way to find a cute cat name.

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