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Marie Day: Join the Celebration with The Aristocats

Marie Day

Marie Day is a joyous celebration established by Walt Disney Japan to pay tribute to Marie, the cherished feline character from the beloved animated classic “The Aristocats.”

This special day is devoted to honouring Marie’s irresistible charm, graceful demeanour, and playful nature, which have endeared her to Disney fans around the globe.

It serves as a delightful opportunity for fans to celebrate and reminisce about the timeless allure and enchanting adventures of Marie, solidifying her special place in the hearts of Disney enthusiasts worldwide. 

What kind of Cat is “Marie”?

Marie Day

Marie, the beloved feline character from Disney’s “The Aristocats,” is often depicted as a Turkish Angora cat.

This breed is known for its fluffy white coat, elegant physique, and delicate features, mirroring Marie’s appearance in the animated film.

Turkish Angoras are renowned not only for their stunning looks but also for their affectionate and playful nature.

They are known to be friendly and pleasant cats, getting along well with all family members, including children and dogs.

With their agreeable disposition and charming demeanour, Turkish Angoras embody many endearing qualities attributed to Marie in Disney’s timeless classic.

History of Marie Day

Marie Day

Marie, the iconic white kitten with a pink bow, first graced the silver screen in 1970 as part of Disney’s enchanting film “The Aristocats.”

Crafted by the skilled animators at Walt Disney Studios, Marie swiftly captured the hearts of audiences worldwide.

With her delightful blend of elegance and spunk, Marie’s endearing personality left an unforgettable impression, firmly establishing her as a beloved character in Disney’s rich history.

Facts About Marie Day

Here are the intriguing facts about this:

  1. Marie takes centre stage as one of the main characters in Disney’s “The Aristocats,” a timeless animated film that premiered in 1970, captivating audiences with its charming storyline.
  2. She holds the distinguished title of being the only daughter of the Duchess, a sophisticated and aristocratic cat residing in the enchanting city of Paris, adding to Marie’s allure and elegance.
  3. Marie is instantly recognizable by her iconic pink bow, which serves as a delightful accessory accentuating her graceful demeanour and distinguishing her from her feline companions.
  4. Renowned for her endearing catchphrase, “Because I’m a lady, that’s why!”, Marie exudes confidence and poise, embodying the epitome of femininity and sophistication.
  5. Despite her refined exterior, Marie harbours a playful and adventurous spirit, frequently finding herself embroiled in mischief alongside her mischievous brothers, Berlioz and Toulouse, adding depth and charm to her character.
  6. With her embodiment of grace, charm, and independence, Marie emerges as a beloved icon among Disney’s roster of memorable feline characters, captivating audiences with her timeless appeal and endearing personality.

Does Marie Represent Turkish Angoras?

Marie Day

While Marie, the beloved feline character from Disney’s “The Aristocats,” bears a striking resemblance to a Turkish Angora, there are some differences between the animated character and the real-life breed.

Marie is depicted as a tiny cat with a big personality, fitting for her role as a kitten in the film. In contrast, the actual Turkish Angora is a medium-sized cat, known for its elegant and slender build.

Both Marie and the Turkish Angora share similar personality traits, such as being agreeable and highly curious.

However, while Marie often embarks on misadventures in the film, real Turkish Angoras should be kept indoors at all times to ensure their safety.

In terms of appearance, both Marie and Turkish Angoras boast a fluffy white coat and striking blue eyes.

However, Marie’s signature look, a pink ribbon around her neck, is a fictional embellishment.

While you can recreate a similar look with an embellished pink collar, it’s important to note that Turkish Angoras do not require accessories to enhance their natural beauty.

Overall, while Marie may not be an exact representation of a Turkish Angora, her charming demeanour and iconic appearance have undoubtedly contributed to the breed’s popularity among pet lovers.

How to Celebrate Marie Day?

Here are some fantastic ways to celebrate :

Movie Marathon

Invite your loved ones for a cosy movie marathon featuring “The Aristocats.” Relive Marie’s enchanting adventures alongside the Duchess, Thomas O’Malley, and other beloved characters from the film. Ensure you take good care of your cat’s health

Dress-Up Party

Embrace Marie’s elegance by dressing up in a white outfit adorned with a pink bow. Encourage your guests to come dressed as their favourite characters from “The Aristocats” for a fun and festive celebration.

Tea Party

Transport yourself to the sophisticated Parisian setting of “The Aristocats” by hosting a whimsical tea party. Serve an assortment of delectable treats, including French pastries and finger sandwiches, while sipping tea from fine china.

Creative Crafts

Unleash your creativity with Marie-themed DIY projects. Make your own pink bows, craft cat ear headbands, or create Aristocats-inspired artwork. Let your imagination soar as you pay homage to Marie and her feline family.

Virtual Celebrations

Connect with fellow Disney enthusiasts online and join virtual Marie Day celebrations. Share your favourite Marie moments, exchange trivia, and engage in lively discussions about “The Aristocats” and its cherished characters.

No matter how you choose to celebrate, Marie Day is the perfect opportunity to honour the timeless charm and endearing spirit of Marie from “The Aristocats.” Let the festivities begin!


This day is a whimsical celebration that serves as a delightful homage to the enchanting world of Marie and her beloved feline family from Disney’s “The Aristocats.”

With her grace, charm, and playful spirit, Marie has endeared herself to audiences worldwide, leaving an indelible mark in animated films.

This special day provides fans with a perfect opportunity to immerse themselves in the magic of Disney and celebrate the timeless allure of Marie.

Whether through movie marathons, dress-up parties, or engaging in creative crafts inspired by Marie and her adventures, fans can come together to honour the cherished character and relive the joyous moments from “The Aristocats.”

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