45+ Most Ridiculous Male Cat Names

We love our cats, that’s a fact. And many of us come up with cute and/or funny names for them. That’s also a fact.

And then there are the guys out there, they’re just not as good at naming their furry friends as we are, which is why we put together this list of ridiculous male cat names so that everyone can laugh at them together.

  •     Cat Damon
  •     Santa Claws
  •     Jean Luc Picat
  •     Cat Steven
  •     Luke Skywhisker
  •     Genghis Cat
  •     David Meowie
  •     Charles Lickens
  •     Chairman Meow
  •     Bing Clawsby
  •     Anderson Pooper
  •     Hairy Potter
  •     Colin Feral Cat
  •     The Great Catsby
  •     Dalai Clawma
  •     Fidel Catstro
  •     Henry Hissinger
  •     Mr. Meowgi
  •     Notorious C.A.T
  •     Cat Sajak
  •     Catrick Swayze
  •     Walter Croncat
  •     Elvis Catsley
  •     Jaspurr
  •     Oedipuss
  •     Picatso

  •     Fidel Catstro
  •     William Shakespaw
  •     Meowses
  •     Jude Paw
  •     Cat Cobain
  •     Tom Pawyer
  •     Paul McCatney
  •     Lucifurr
  •     Leonardo DaFuzzy
  •     Cat-man-do
  •     Jerry Flea Lewis
  •     Paw Revere
  •     Butch Catsidy
  •     Catsanova
  •     Bob Scratchit
  •     Purr-nest Hemingway
  •     Fuzz Aldrin
  •     Brad Kitt
  •     Bob Meowerly
  •     Catpernicus

We’ve compiled a list of the most ridiculous male cat names, so if you are looking for some inspiration check out our complete ridiculous cat names!

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