The Best Sanskrit Cat Names: List of Over 50 Meaningful Names

Sanskrit is a language that was spoken in the Indian subcontinent from 1500 BC to 500 AD.

It’s a great language to learn, and many people have been learning it for years.

One of the most popular things you can do with naming your pet kitten is by giving them a meaningful Sanskrit name!

In this blog post, you will find 50 Sanskrit cat names and their meanings so you can pick one out for your new kitten or adopted kitty!

sanskrit cat names

Here are the best Sanskrit cat names for both male and female cats.

Sanskrit Male Cat Names

Anish Supreme
Pride, Peaceful
Bhavin Existing
Divit Immortal
Ajit Invincible
Kiran Ray of Light
Vihaan Dawn
Pranay Love
Apporva Rare
Prem Love
Vipul Large
Yash Success
Sudhir Intelligent
Reward, Battlefield commander
Nana Different
One who has eyes like a lotus flower
First ray of the sun
Vijay Victory
Chandan Moon
Faithful, Constant
Parthiv Royal
Akash Sky
Nirav Calm
Rohit Red
Eshan Ruler
Sanskrit Male Cat Names

Sanskrit Female Cat Names

Esha Desire
Female peacock
Dawn, Immortal
Shining moon, a lunar deity in India
Shilpa Statue
Amiya Delight
Meghna Lightening
Sunita Righteous
Moti Pearl
Priti Delight
Ishita Greatness
Hiranya Gold
Manju Pleasant
Garima Grace
Srushti Creation
Vibha Bright
Sheetal Cool
Anika Graceful
Rajni Radiant queen
Varsha Rain
Yuvati Young woman
Tara Star
Shobha Brilliance
Charvi Beautiful
Jyoti Light
Sanskrit Female Cat Names

If you’re looking for the perfect name to fit your new feline friend, we also have a complete list of over 750 Indian cat names and their meanings. 

Other than that, we have some cool yoga cat names for naming your kitten.

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