The 14 Most Interesting Facts About Chinchillas

Everyone knows chinchilla, both adults, and children.👧👶 At the moment, it is one of the most popular pets, however, far from the cheapest. Recently, a lot of stories, rumors, and interesting facts have gathered about chinchillas, with which we hasten to share with you.

#2 The color of this animal is completely independent of its gender.👧👨

#3 The intelligence of cats and chinchillas is very similar in many ways.

#4 Chinchilla is a herbivore, however, this does not prevent them in extreme cases from eating insects.🌱🐛🦗

#5 The whiskers of this animal are a very important sensory organ and they are called vibrissae.

#6 During bathing, chinchilla ears are covered with a special membrane to prevent sand and earth from entering.

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