16 Best Chinchilla Facts That Make Them The Best Pets

Chinchillas are charming fluffy rodents distinguished by their beautiful appearance, funny behavior, and long life. The maintenance and care of chinchillas at home do not require much activity of the owner or financial investments, so the popularity of these pets is well deserved.

#1 For busy people, chinchilla is the most suitable solution. These kids are quite independent, do not require attention from the owner. You don’t have to go for a walk with them.

#2 If you plan a trip, you do not need to think with whom to leave the pet. Chinchillas can live peacefully for several days alone. The main thing is to provide him with enough water and feed.

#3 If the owner works mainly during the day, then his schedule coincides with the biological rhythm of the animal. Rodents are nocturnal, and most active in the evening. You will have the opportunity to watch this interesting beast.

#4 The animal does not have sweat and sebaceous glands, it will not smell bad, even if the owner does not clean it cage on time.

#5 Chinchillas are soft lumps. Their fur coat is so pleasant to the touch that if you touch it once, you want to touch it again and again.

#6 Due to the density of the fur, chinchillas will not start parasites, and you will never encounter such a problem as fleas or ticks.

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