The 35 Funniest Spanish Dog Names That Make You Laugh

If you’ve been to Spain many times or just love Spanish food, you can be a true lover of all Spanish Things! And you can share it with your pooch, why not?

  •     Leche
  •     Rejo (Short for Salmorejo)
  •     Goal (But of of course you have to pronounce it Gooooooooooooooal)
  •     Bravas (Short for Patatas Bravas)
  •     Gaz or Pacho (Short for Gazpacho)
  •     Amor (There’s no love like puppy love!)
  •     Bueno
  •     Tonto (Spanish for silly)
  •     BreyBrey (Named after Spain’s prime minister Mariano Rajoy Brey)
  •     Arco Iris (Spanish for rainbow)
  •     Tigres (A seafood dish, not an actual tiger but it works for dogs with a roaring spirit!)
  •     Churro

  •     Dinero (Because that pup is worth all the money in the world)
  •     Catalana (Short for Crema Catalana)
  •     Pypy (Short for Paella)
  •     Chorizo
  •     Grande (For the Great Danes out there)
  •     Diez (Because your dog is a perfect ten)
  •     Pisto
  •     Besos (Spanish for kisses)
  •     Perro (Spanish for dog if you want to get straight to the point)
  •     Jamón (Because ham is delicious)
  •     Fabada
  •     Perrito (Spanish for puppy because your dog will always be your baby)
  •     Empanada

  •     Turas (Short for aventuras which means adventure)
  •     Amigo
  •     Descarado (Spanish for sassy if you have a feisty little pup)
  •     Migas
  •     Pequeño (For the little guys)
  •     Uno (Because your dog is number one!)
  •     Torpe (It’s the Spanish for awkward if you have a doggo who’s just a little clumsy)
  •     Croquetas
  •     Loca

If you really are a Spain lover and still looking for more Spain name ideas, we have compiled 500 Spanish dog names for you!

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