Top 10 Friendliest Cat Breeds That You Should Get

All cats are very independent creatures and if you want to own one, you should first read some information about the chosen breed. Every cat has his own personality and temperament but some breeds are. typically rather friendly. So if you need a sociable and friendly cat, check out our top of the friendliest cat breeds.

#1 Exotic Shorthair Cat

Exotic shorthair was bred by American breeders as a short-haired version of Persian cats. Exotic cats have a gentle and calm temperament. They are docile, doting, cheerful, playful and friendly. So if you own another pet in your apartment, Exotic shorthair will make friends with them. But please remember that this breed is suffering when left alone.

#2 Sphynx

Sphynx is a hairless cat breed well-known for the hypoallergenic coat. Sphynx cats are true extroverts! They are energetic, intelligent, curious, and friendly. They are frequently greeting their owners at the door and friendly when meeting strangers.

#3 Maine Coon

Maine Coon is one of the largest domesticated cat breeds. They say that Maine Coons are "gentle giants", they are very intelligent and easy to train cats. They are playful, cheerful, loyal to their family members and cautious to strangers.

#4 Manx cat

These cats are known for having no tail. They are very sociable, smart and observant. They love to play and take part in any events at home. These cats appreciate those who pay attention to them.

#5 Burmese cats

Burmese cats are playful by nature and very loyal to the owner. They quickly adapt to new conditions, like to play with children and hug.

Burmese cats do not like to lie on the owner’s lap for a long time, but they enjoy being patted on the head.

#6 Ragdoll

The Ragdoll is a large cat breed with a soft and silky coat and blue eyes. Ragdoll cats got this name because they tend to relax to the state of a rag doll when they take any poses you choose. In this state, you can pet and hug your Ragdoll as long as you want. Ragdolls are well-known for their cuddly nature which makes them the perfect companion cat. These cats are suffering when left alone and need the owner`s attention.

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