Top 10 Friendliest Cat Breeds That You Should Get

#7 Abyssinian

Abyssinian cats are very active, smart and playful. And doesn’t matter who makes up the company in the game, they equally can find common ground with people of different ages, family members and even strangers.

These features make the Abyssinian cat a good choice for families with children.

#8 Persian cats

Persian cats are very friendly, sociable and playful. They like snuggling up with the owner. Like a dog Persian cats are waiting for their owners to get back home from work.

They can be very loving but if you don`t pay them enough attention, they become independent.

Persian cats do not like noise, but they like to be in the center of attention.

#9 Russian Blue Cat

Russian blue cats are real aristocrats. Grace and intelligence made them one of the most popular breeds in the world.

They are curious and tranquil pets. They are friendly, intelligent are sensitive to human emotions. They enjoy playing with toys and make friends with family members and other family pets.

#10 Somali cat

Somali cats are very active. They like to play and do it with everyone who pays them attention. The high level of energy and attention makes this breed perfect for the train.

Perfect conditions for this breed are when the Somali cat is the only pet in the house and all your attention will be given only to him/her.

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