Top 35 Celebrity Dachshund Dog Names

Do you want to give you a sausage puppy a famous dog name? One way is to choose a celebrity dog name. Here is the list of 35 dog names of celebrities.

  •     Rome (Ingrid Bergman)
  •     Hexl (Kaiser Wilhelm II)
  •     Robinson (Dorothy Parker)
  •     Whiskey (James Mischka)
  •     Grenouille (Napoleon Bonaparte)
  •     Girlie (Brooke Astor)
  •     Deckel (Queen Victoria)
  •     Jed (P.G. Wodehouse)
  •     Loeki (Napoleon)
  •     Eva (Dita Von Teese)
  •     Dash (Mary Tyler Moore)
  •     Maria (Marlon Brando)
  •     Amos  (Andy Warhol)
  •     Senta (Kaiser Wilhelm II)
  •     Ozzy (George Harrison)
  •     Greta (Dita Von Teese)

  •     Fred (E.B. White)
  •     Commissioner (Carole Lombard and Clark Gable)
  •     Stanely (David Hockney)
  •     Helena (William Randolph Hearst)
  •     August (E.B. White)
  •     Dunker (John F. Kennedy)
  •     Faussete (Napoleon Bonaparte)
  •     Skip (Teddy Roosevelt)
  •     Lump (Pablo Picasso)
  •     Louie (Adele)
  •     Charlie (John Wayne)
  •     St. tropez (Brigitte Bardo)
  •     Clyde (Wayne Gretzky)
  •     Rommel (Mark Badgley)
  •     Boodgie (David Hockney)
  •     Boy (Queen Victoria)
  •     Minnie (E.B. White)
  •     Cilly (Max Schmeling)
  •     Bulle (Jacques Cousteau)

If you haven’t found the perfect name for your cute puppy, make sure to check our complete best Dachshund names.

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