Top 36 Sister Cat Names for Twin Cats

If you`ve just become a lucky owner of two sister cats, here is the list of 36 cat name ideas for you!

  •     Thelma and Louise
  •     Jayden and Brayden
  •     Sophia and Olivia
  •     Lisa and Maggie
  •     Sally and Betty
  •     Waltz and Matilda
  •     Autumn and Summer
  •     Hannah and Hailey
  •     Paris and Nicole
  •     Grace and Emma
  •     Ava and Alley
  •     Buffy and Willow
  •     Venus and Serena
  •     Katniss and Primrose
  •     Kate and Allie
  •     Joan and Sally
  •     Betsy and Tacy
  •     Hope and Faith
  •     Matilda & Mara

  •     Emma and Ava
  •     Sophia and Isabella
  •     Charlotte and Emily
  •     Morgan and Madison
  •     Mirabelle and Eleanor
  •     Lucy and Ethel
  •     Malta and Creta
  •     Vise and Versa
  •     Britta and Shirley
  •     Tia and Tamera
  •     Wilma and Betty
  •     Mary Kate and Ashley
  •     Matilda and Scout
  •     Sophie and Chloe
  •     Betty and Veronica
  •     Flip and Flop
  •     Sugar and Spice

I love these cat name pairs for sisters, but we also have an extensive list of 250 twin cat names that includes brother and sister cat names.