Top 50 Best Dog Names for The Smallest Breeds

Dogs of small breeds are very popular today. There are many reasons for that: they are compact and perfect for an apartment, they are really funny and cute, and they have a huge ego despite their small size. So if you`ve just adopted one, here is the list of the best name ideas for your baby boy or baby girl.

  •     Peanut
  •     Pearl
  •     Bitty
  •     Bantam
  •     Coco
  •     Elf
  •     Munchkin
  •     Runt or Runty
  •     Hazel
  •     Half Pint
  •     Skip
  •     Smalley
  •     Babe
  •     Teensy
  •     Thumbelina
  •     Porkchop
  •     Fifi
  •     Shrimp or Shrimpy
  •     Morsel
  •     Gigi
  •     Sweet Pea
  •     Bean / Jellybean
  •     Peewee

  •     Baby
  •     Olive
  •     Pebbles
  •     Corky
  •     Mini (or Minnie)
  •     Shorty
  •     Daisy
  •     Yoshi
  •     Toto
  •     Pixie
  •     Little
  •     Webster
  •     Clementine
  •     Petunia
  •     Poppy

  •     Scrappy
  •     Spud
  •     Trixie
  •     Pip
  •     Button
  •     Button
  •     Spot
  •     Cookie
  •     Teddy
  •     Buddy
  •     Squirt
  •     Nugget

Have you found the lovely name for your cute little furry best friend?

Well, we still have tons of name ideas that might be perfect for little dogs. you can check our complete dog names from A -Z, and you’ll find there are so many dog names for your cute dog.

Or if you want a unique name, we have foreign dog names that inspired by cultures all over the world.

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