What Is A Turkin? Facts You Need To Know About A Turken Chicken

The million-dollar question. Is a Turkin (Turken) a crossbreed between a turkey and a chicken? This is a question that many people ask, and there is no one-size-fits-all answer.

The answer is simply NO! A Turkin is a breed of chicken that has a unique appearance because it lacks feathers on its neck.

Some people call this bird the Naked Neck Chicken. There are several things you should know about the Turken before you decide if it is the right chicken for you.

In this blog post, we will discuss everything you need to know about the Turken Chicken!

What Is A Turkin? Facts You Need To Know About A Turken Chicken

What is a Turken chicken?

The Turken, also known as the Transylvanian Naked Neck, was first bred in Hungary before being bred in Germany. Contrary to popular belief, the Naked Neck is entirely chicken — it is not a cross between a turkey or a chicken.

The name “turken,” however, derives from this misconception. It has been dubbed a “churkey” by National Geographic.

Since 1965, the American Poultry Association has recognized various color variants of the Naked Neck breed.

The Standard of Perfection distinguishes Buff, Red, and White for the major large Turkens in the Miscellaneous or Continental category.

But like most breeds, different colors and patterns exist.

Turkens may be found with or without rose combs, although the Standard of Perfection only recognizes single combs.

Blue or green eggs may be found in a breed of Naked Necks in Australia, which has pea combs.

Quick Facts about Turkens


  • Class: All Other Breeds
  • Type: Large Fowl & Bantam
  • Size: Medium (6-7 lbs)
  • Rarity: Common
  • Purpose: Dual
  • Recognized Varieties: Black, White, Buff, Red

Egg Facts:

  • Egg Laying: Fair (2/wk)
  • Egg Color: Light Brown
  • Egg Size: Medium

Fancy Features:

  • Comb Type: Single Comb
  • Crested: No
  • Feathered Legs: No
  • Number of Toes: 4

Suitability to Backyard Life:

  • Cold Hardiness: Hardy in winter
  • Heat Tolerance: Not especially heat hardy
  • Bears Confinement: Bears confinement well
  • Especially Docile: Yes
  • Setter/Broody: Yes
  • Personality: Easygoing and easily tamed

What does a Turken Chicken look like?

What does a Turken Chicken look like?

The name of this chicken comes from its lack of feathers around the neck, which is also commonly known as Turken chicken because it reminds of a domestic turkey.

This may often be conceived as a rather strange appearance, but it is certainly one-of-a-kind among chicken species.

This naked neck is caused by a genetic mutation and is quite dominant.

The Naked Neck chicken has a larger breast size than usual as a result of this gene.

They have a single comb and a bright redhead. It’s quite an amazing appearance.

The Naked Neck chicken is available in a variety of different colors. The colors available will depend on which country the chicken is being bred.

For example; the UK has a ton of Naked Neck chickens, but they tend to be different colors to the ones that can be found in Germany.

The Naked Neck as an Egg-Laying Chicken

The Turken chicken is incredibly prolific as an egg-laying chicken breed.

Every year, this chicken should produce approximately a few hundred medium-sized eggs. That isn’t bad at all!

This chicken can also get broody, making it simple to use your Naked Neck chickens to produce their offspring or even the eggs of less broody hens.

Quick Facts about Turkens

Owning a Turken Chicken

One of the most distinctive features of this breed is how simple it will be to raise.

It requires only minimal upkeep, such as feeding and providing water. However, this is how the breed was intended to be kept.

This is a bird that enjoys foraging, so if you want to keep this creature, ensure it has plenty of room to roam about and find food.

This isn’t a bird that is going to do too well being cooped up for long periods. But they are great as free-range chickens.

This bird is unlikely to get sick because it is resistant to many illnesses. It may be raised in both hot and cold weather (despite the lack of feathers).

This implies it may be used for a wide range of different purposes.

What is a Turken chicken?

So there you have it, the turken chicken or naked neck.

A fairly odd bird that is often mistaken for a turkey, but make no mistake, this poultry has a lot to offer.

If you’re looking for an interesting addition to your backyard flock or just want to learn more about these unique birds. Also, consider these chicken names if you already have one.

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