130+ Witty Cat Names For Your Funny Furry Little Kitten


This article will guide you in looking for witty and funny cat names.

Cats are pretty hilarious animals and they definitely deserve witty and humorous names to match their character.

There is no doubt that cats have a very strong personality, so should their name too! And here are the ideas of witty cat names for your funny cat!

Female Witty Cat Names

Names Meanings
Meowgaret A play on the name Margaret
Meowdeline Albright Politician
Puma Thurman Actress
Catsy Cline Singer
As in the name Angelica
Fleyonce Knowles Singer
Kitty Purry Singer
JK Meowling
Author of the Harry Potter series
From Harry Potter
Teri Scratcher Actress
Fleas Witherspon Actress
Cindy Clawford Model
Cat Middleton Duchess
RuPaw Drag queen
Cat Winslet Actress
Diane Kitten Actress
Cleo Catra Egyptian ruler
Tina Spay
Actress / Comedian
Singer from the Black Eyed Peas
Kitkat Candy
Rachel Scratch Actress
Jennipurr Aniston Actress
MeowKenzie As in McKenzie
Drew Hairymore Actress
Catnip Everdeen
The Hunger Games character
Pawdrey Hepburn Actress
Veronicat Human name
A funny spin on the human name Claudia
Ruth Bader Ginspurr
U.S. Supreme Court member
A play on the human name Tabitha
Mrs. Fleasley
Character from Family Affair
Sinead O’Collar Singer
Margaret Scratcher
British Prime Minister
Cat Benetar Singer
Emily Lickinson Author
Juliet Catulet
Character in Romeo & Juliet
Catalie Portman Actress
Christina Aguill-hair-a Singer
Jane Pawsten
Author of Pride and Prejudice
Play on the word whisper
Mariah Hairy Singer
Furry Cruise
Child of actor Tom Cruise
Catty Griffin Comedian
Debbie Hairy Singer
A funny spin on the human name Jessica
Demi Meower Actress
Opurrah Whisker TV personality
Catti LaBelle Singer

Male Witty Cat Names

Names Meanings
Paw Revere
U.S. revolutionary
Paw Solo
Star Wars character
Ricky Purrvais Actor
Genghis Khat
Leader of Mongol Empire
Hairy Potter
Main character of the Harry Potter series
Mewcauley Culkin Actor
Fuzz Aldrin Astronaut
The Great Catsby
Character / Book
Catrick Swayze Actor
Italian adventurer and author
Draco Mewofoy
Character in the Harry Potter series
Don Drapurr
Character on Mad Men
Alexander Hameowlton
U.S. historical figure
Bob Meowerly Reggae singer
Charles Lickens
Author of A Christmas Carol
Mr. Meowgi
Character in Karate Kid
Barack Obameow U.S. President
Jude Paw Actor
Santa Claws
The jolly Christmas character
George Cloonflea Actor
Walt Whiskers Poet
Dalai Pawma Spiritual leader
Neil Catrick Harris Actor
Luke Skywhisker
Character in Star Wars
Lucifurr As in the Devil
Jack Meower
TV character on 24
Ron Fleasly
Character in the Harry Potter series
Cat Stevens Singer
Cat Sajak
Wheel of Fortune host
Hunter S. Tomcat
Author of Fear & Loathing
Kit Romney U.S. Senator
LeVar Purrton
TV Personality / Actor
Meowrio Lopez Actor
Chairman Meow
Chinese revolutionary
Catzilla Godzilla!!
J.R.R. Tollkitten
Author of The Hobbit
Notorious C.A.T. Rapper
Brad Kitt Actor
William Catner Actor
Collin Furrel Actor
Bing Clawsby
Singer of White Christmas
Jerry Flea Lewis Singer
Kitty Cudi Rapper
Leonardo DiCatrio Actor
Pablo Picatso Artist
David Meowie Singer
Bruce Stringsteen
New Jersey singer
Ferris Mewler
Character in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off
Captain Purrcard From Star Trek
Ron Furgandy
Main character in Anchorman
Abraham Lynxin U.S. President
Sheddie Vedder Musician
The Egyptian leader
Leonard Nemeow Actor
Frank Lloyd Bite Architect
Conway Kitty Singer
Meoward Stern Radio host
Franz Catka
Author of Metamorphosis
Isaac Mewton Scientist
Anderson Pooper News anchor
Fidel Catstro Cuban leader
Paw Newman Actor
Paw McCartney
Singer in The Beatles
Colin Furth Actor
Holden Clawfield
Character in Catcher in the Rye
Cat Damon Actor
Walter Cron-Cat Newsman
Bob Scratchit
Christmas Carol character
A play on the name Michael
Furcules As in Hercules
Butch Catsidy
Famed cowboy and bank robber
Henry Hissinger
U.S. Secretary of State
Ryan Fleacrest TV Personality
Mathematician and astronomer
William Shakespurr Playwright
Winston Furchill
British Prime Minister
Lionel Itchy Singer Hello
Ebefleazer Scrooge
Character in A Christmas Carol
Catticus Finch
Character from To Kill a Mockingbird
Pounce de Leon
Explorer / conquistador
Apawllo Greek god
Greek mythology character
Tobey Catguire Actor
Tom Pawyer
Mark Twain book character

We hope you’ve found this article helpful in your search for witty cat names.

Whether it be a name that has meaning, is punny, or just plain silly, we are confident there will be at least one perfect fit on this list to suit your feline friend.

If not, don’t worry, we have plenty more on funny cat names! Happy hunting!

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