14 Fun Facts and Cute Photos of Corgi Puppies

These sweet dogs may be short in stature, but they certainly aren’t short in personality, intelligence, or cuteness😘.

#1 There Are Two Types of Corgis

Although Cardigan Welsh Corgis and Pembroke Corgis look alike, they've actually considered to be two totally different breeds from two different ancestors.

#2 They’re the Stuff of Welsh Legends

Some say—if you look very closely—you can still see the marks of a fairy's saddle around the shoulders in a Pembroke Corgi's coat. 

#3 Corgi Translates to “Dwarf Dog”

There's some debate around the meaning of "Corgi," but there are two main theories out there:

  1. The Welsh word "cor" means "to gather," while "gi" translates to "dog." Makes a lot of sense for a breed that's known for its champion herding skills, right?
  2. Alternately, the word "cor" translates to "dwarf" in Welsh—and, again, "gi" translates to "dog."

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