Why Do Corgis Sploot? Understanding the Quirky Habit

why do corgis sploot

Have you ever had the pleasure of witnessing a Corgi stretch out with their legs splayed in that adorable and somewhat comical manner?

If you have, you’re familiar with the phenomenon known as “splooting.” While it might appear as a simple stretch, there’s a captivating story behind it.

In this article, we’ll delve into the world of Corgis, exploring the reasons behind their endearing splooting, the intriguing variations of sploots, and how to ensure your furry friend enjoys this charming posture safely and comfortably.

What is Splooting?

Splooting is a delightful and amusing posture seen in dogs, where they lie flat on their belly with their hind legs stretched outward.

This endearing behavior, often associated with Corgis due to their unique physique, has captured the hearts of dog enthusiasts worldwide.

Splooting not only brings joy but also serves functional purposes for dogs, helping them cool down and relax on hot days by exposing more of their body to cool surfaces.

It’s a playful and charming aspect of canine behavior that showcases their carefree and whimsical nature.


Why Do Corgis Sploot?

Now that we understand what splooting is, let’s explore why Corgis have a penchant for this unique posture.

Comfort and cooling 

One of the primary reasons Corgis sploot is for comfort.

Their distinctive physique, with short legs and elongated bodies, can make them susceptible to overheating.

Splooting, in essence, becomes their cooling mechanism.

By splaying out on the ground, they expose the less-furred underside of their bodies to cooler surfaces, helping them regulate their temperature effectively.

This posture provides a respite from the heat, ensuring they stay comfortable even on scorching days.

Stretching and flexibility

Beyond temperature control, splooting doubles as an excellent stretching exercise for Corgis.

These lively canines need to maintain flexible muscles and joints to support their active lifestyles.

Splooting comes naturally to them and helps keep their limbs limber, promoting overall well-being and agility.

Observation and play

Splooting can also be a tactical move for Corgis, especially when it comes to observation and play.

In this unique position, they acquire a low vantage point, allowing them to more effectively survey their surroundings.

This low-down view can be particularly advantageous when they’re on the lookout for potential playmates or interesting objects to investigate.

It’s like their version of getting down to business, with their legs ready to spring into action at a moment’s notice.

Different Types of Sploots


Believe it or not, there’s more than one way for a Corgi to sploot! Let’s take a look at some of the common variations:

The classic sploot

The classic sploot is the image that usually comes to mind when we think of Corgis striking this charming posture.

In this quintessential sploot, a Corgi extends both of its hind legs straight out behind them.

It’s the complete and pure version of this delightful canine stretch, and it never fails to elicit smiles from those who witness it.


Now and then, Corgis decide to take a more easygoing stance with their splooting.

In what we fondly call the “half-sploot,” they extend just one of their hind legs while keeping the other tucked snugly underneath their body.

It’s almost as if they’re embracing a more relaxed approach to their stretching regimen, and let me tell you, it’s just as charming as the classic sploot.

Froggy Sploot

If you’re looking to add a dash of whimsy and an abundance of adorableness to the mix, there’s the ever-delightful “froggy sploot.”

In this playful variation, a Corgi elevates the art of splooting by elegantly splaying their hind legs out to the sides, almost reminiscent of a frog’s legs.

This charming twist on the classic sploot injects an extra layer of heart-melting charm into an already captivating posture.

How to Help Your Corgi Sploot Safely?


Ensuring the comfort and well-being of your beloved Corgi while they indulge in their adorable splooting adventures is essential.

Here are some thoughtful tips to keep in mind as you embrace this endearing aspect of your furry friend’s behavior:

Choose a suitable surface 

Before your Corgi decides to sploot, take a moment to assess the surface they’re on.

Make sure it’s clean and free of any debris or sharp objects that could potentially harm them.

Smooth and safe surfaces like grass, carpet, or a clean blanket are ideal choices for their splooting pleasure.

Monitor temperature 

Corgis are known for using splooting as a means to cool down, but it’s crucial to monitor the ground temperature.

On scorching hot days, the pavement or concrete can become unbearably hot, which might harm your dog’s sensitive paws.

To prevent overheating, provide a cooler surface for them to enjoy, such as a shaded area with a comfortable mat or a cooling pad.

Alternatively, consider keeping them indoors during the hottest parts of the day.

Encourage stretching

While splooting itself is an excellent way for Corgis to stretch their muscles and maintain flexibility, you can also encourage them to stretch regularly in other ways.

Gentle stretching exercises can help keep their muscles and joints in good shape, contributing to their overall health and agility.

Incorporate these stretches into playtime or during daily walks to keep them happy and healthy.


Corgis have won the hearts of many with their charming personalities and distinctive behaviors, and one of these endearing quirks is the famous “sploot.”

It’s crucial for Corgi owners to grasp why these delightful dogs sploot and how to ensure their safety and comfort while they do so.

When you see your Corgi strike that adorable sploot pose, you’ll understand that it’s their way of staying cool, limber, and ready for playful adventures.


Can all dogs sploot, or is it unique to Corgis?

While many dogs can sploot, Corgis are known for their frequent and often amusing splooting habits.

Is splooting harmful to Corgis?

Splooting is not harmful as long as it’s done on a safe surface and not for prolonged periods. It’s a natural behavior for many dogs, including Corgis.

How can I encourage my Corgi to sploot?

You don’t need to encourage it; Corgis tend to sploot naturally. Just ensure they have a safe environment to do so.

Are there any health benefits to splooting?

Splooting can help Corgis maintain their flexibility and cool off, which are both beneficial for their overall well-being.

Can older Corgis still sploot?

Yes, older Corgis can sploot, although they may do so less frequently as they age. It’s essential to provide them with comfortable and safe splooting opportunities.

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