5 Ways to Celebrate International Corgi Day: Corgi Facts and Trivia

Happy International Corgi Day, everyone! June 4 is a special day for all of us who love these adorable creatures.

There are many ways to celebrate, so we’ve put together a list of five fun ideas. Read on to learn more about Corgis and why they make such great pets. We’ll also share some interesting Corgi facts and trivia about these amazing dogs!

international corgi day

The History Of Corgi Day

Corgis have been around since at least the 12th century when Flemish weavers visited Wales to live there. Because of them, there was an increase in the corgi breed’s population because they popularized Pembroke Welsh corgis. Another popular corgi breed is the Cardigan Welsh corgi, which is heavier and larger than the Pembroke corgi.

The first International Corgi Day was celebrated by the Omaha Corgi Crew, which is a nonprofit organization established in December 2011. The idea for the organization began as a group of four buddies’ project to bring more attention to corgis. Today, the group fights for the rescue and adoption of corgis.

The History Of Corgi Day

Because it regards all ‘doggos’ to be wonderful friends, the Omaha Corgi Crew also participates in charity events, not just for corgis but other dogs too.

The organization isn’t a rescue or breeder group, but rather an event organizer. It organizes events to support the breed and attracts corgi lovers together.

The organization also supports the thoroughbred of Corgis and Corgi mixes. Owners around the world with dogs with Corgi origins can join in the celebration as well.

The number of individuals who are interested in Corgis increased over the past few years and according to the organization, the community has over 1500 members as of this writing.

International Corgi Day is meant to be the best day of the year for your beloved Corgi or Corgi mix breeds. It’s a great opportunity to demonstrate how much you care for and love your dog, even if they aren’t sure what the fuss is all about!

Here are five ways that you can enjoy International Corgi Day:

1. Watch a Corgi movie marathon.

Watch a Corgi movie marathon
The Queen’s Corgi (Source:

What could be better than spending a whole day watching Corgi movies? You can start with classics like Little Dog Lost or The Accidental Tourist, then move on to more recent hits like The Queen’s Corgi. And don’t forget about all the great Corgi documentaries which you can search on Google!

2. Visit your local dog park and meet some other corgis.

Visit your local dog park and meet some other corgis

Corgis are social dogs and love to meet new friends.  Dog parks are the perfect place to do just that! Make sure to keep an eye on your corgi though, as they might try to herd the other dogs.

3. Make a batch of homemade dog treats.

Make a batch of homemade dog treats

If you’re feeling extra festive, why not whip up a batch of homemade corgi treats? You can find plenty of dog treat recipes online, and your dog is sure to love them. Just make sure to double-check the ingredients to make sure they’re safe for your pup.

Ingredients like peanut butter, carrots, and oats are all great for dogs, and they’ll make your treats extra tasty. You can even get creative and decorate them with dog-friendly icing or toppings.

4. Hold a corgi event

Hold a corgi event

If you want to celebrate International Corgi Day in a big way, then hold a corgi event! This is a great opportunity to get all the corgis in your area together for a play date or parade. You can also use this event as an opportunity to raise awareness about the breed and educate people on responsible corgi ownership.

If you decide to hold an event, be sure to get in touch with your local corgi club or rescue organization. They may be able to help you with logistics and can also provide you with educational materials.

5. Post pictures of your own beloved corgi.

Post pictures of your own beloved corgi

International Corgi Day is the perfect opportunity to share some photos of your furry friend! Whether you post them on social media or just keep them in a personal album, pictures are always a cherished way to remember our animal companions.

One of the things that Corgi owners will understand is that these doggos make great subjects for photography, as they are often very photogenic dogs. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #InternationalCorgiDay too!

Corgi Trivia

  • According to Welsh folklore, Pembroke Welsh Corgis were used to transport magical beings by tugging fairy coaches and transporting fairy warriors into battle.
  • The breed’s average lifespan ranges from 12 – 15 years.
  • The Cardigan has a fox-like tail while the Pembroke’s is docked. Cardigans are also somewhat larger than the more well-known Pembroke.
  • The name Corgi comes from the Welsh words for dwarf (“cor”) and dog (“ci”, which over the years has been changed to “gi” when it comes to the breed’s name).
  • The Pembroke Welsh Corgi reached the number 10 spot on the American Kennel Club’s annual list of most popular dog breeds in 2019.
Corgi Trivia


So, whether you’re a Corgi lover or not, go out and celebrate these furry little friends on this dog holiday.

And if you don’t have one of your own, consider adding a Corgi to your family – they make great pets!

Do you have any fun facts or trivia about Corgis that we missed? Let us know in the comments below. Happy International Corgi Day, everyone!

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