14 Funny Pictures Showing Activities That Corgis Do Under Coronavirus Quarantine

Today everybody follows news about the Covid-19😱  and the current situation in the world. Many countries ordered quarantine measures😷😷😷 and people have to stay home for at least 3 next weeks.

All this news makes us nervous and we need some positive news.

So we collected here 15 funny pictures showing activities that Corgis do under the quarantine. Enjoy these pictures and use positive ways of staying home😉😉😉!

#1 First of all, they do shopping🛒.

The supplies of dry food 🛒🛒🛒 should be calculated very carefully to be enough for a month of staying home.

#2 The most essential goods for many people all over the world is a toilet paper and buckwheat groats😁😁😁

So Corgis control that their supplies are safe.

#3 They arrange an optimal distribution of medical masks between family members.

#4 They control that everyone is wearing masks when leaving home.

And there are no exceptions! Even a dog should wear it!

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