14 Great Dane Facts You Might Not Know

The Great Dane has been called the “Apollo of Dogs.”

#1 With his regal bearing, muscular body and imposing size, he is immediately recognizable and, once seen, never forgotten.

#2 Bred to hunt boars, bears, and deer, the Great Dane was called the German boarhound.

#3 He is not a Danish creation.

A few German breeders attempted to introduce names like the German Dodge and the German Mastiff because they wanted the breed promoted as a dog of luxury and nobility, not a working dog.

#4 The breed comes in six colors and patterns.

Golden fawn with a black mask is the most commonly seen color, but the breed standard recognizes five other colors and patterns: brindle (black chevron stripes on a gold background); glossy black; pure steel blue-gray; harlequin (a white base color with black torn patches distributed over the entire dog); and mantle (a solid black blanket extending over the body and a black head, with a white face blaze, neck collar, chest and white on the forelegs).

#5 Great Dane combines power with elegance in a smoothly muscled body.

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