14 Incredible Facts About Chinchillas

#7 In the wild, chinchillas live up to 35 years. At home – no more than 20.💯

#8 The chinchilla skeleton has the ability to shrink vertically. They can penetrate the narrowest crevices and openings.

#9 They have no seasonal molt, so they are the most hypoallergenic animals.

#10 The chinchilla living in the apartment does not leave an unpleasant smell – they do not have sweat and sebaceous glands, they are very neat.😮

#11 The chinchilla fur is very dense – up to 300 bunches per square centimeter of fur, each of which has about 80 hairs.

#12 Due to the dense undercoat, chinchillas never have fleas, ticks or other parasites.

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