14 Most Interesting Facts About Leonbergers

The good-natured giants of Leonberger at the same time repel and attract attention to their appearance. But behind a harsh appearance hides calm and friendliness.πŸ’• We have made a selection of the most interesting facts about this breed.

#1 The breed was bred in the name of the glory of the city of Leonberg, on the coat of arms of which a lion was depicted.🦁🐢

#2 Previously, Leonbergers were considered a very expensive gift and were often kept in royal and princely nurseries.πŸŽπŸŽ€

#3 According to legend, to breed a new breed, a Newfoundland female was crossed with the legendary St. Bernard Barry, the best savior from the monastery of St. Bernard.

#4 These dogs were the favorites of many emperorsπŸ‘‘, such as the emperor of Japan.

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