14 Pros And Cons Of A Charming Chihuahuas

On the unpretentiousness and ease of maintenance of Chihuahuas with one voice all the breeders of the breed say. But still it will not be superfluous to find out for yourself all the pros and cons of a Chihuahua.

#1 The first and most important plus of a Сhihuahua is compactness.👜

#2 Another advantage of the Chihuahua is their excellent health.👍

#4 A small dog eats little, it is not expensive to feed her with quality products or the best dry food.🍗🍤🥩

#5 The small size allows you to take your chihuahua with you wherever you go.

#6 Chihuahuas, like other representatives of miniature breeds, are distinguished by longevity.

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