14 Tips For Caring For Afghan Hounds That Will Make Your Life Easier

Is it difficult to care for the wool of an Afghan hound? Yes, caring for Afghan wool is not an easy job. But our care tips will teach you how to deal with it quickly and easily.🐶✂😃

#1 Long hair quickly tangles, so you need to brush it more often and wash more often.

#2 The show dog is washed once a week. Normal, home – once every fifteen days.

#3 To wash an adult dog, up to 300 ml of emollient shampoo, previously diluted with water, will be required.

#4 After the shampoo, the dog is rinsed, then a balm, also diluted with water, is applied. Then they are washed off very carefully.

#5 Do not dry the dog immediately after washing, first it should be wet with a terry towel.

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