14 Tips For Raising the Afghan Hound

Afghan Hounds – dogs are not for beginners. To properly educate them, socialize and train, it will take a lot of strength and patience.

#1 If the owner of the Afghan Hound decided to train the dog on his own, it would be useful to consult an experienced dog handler and sign up for training courses.

  1. I have been looking to purchase an Afghan hound I live in Jacksonville Florida do you know of any dogs available in this area

#2 Afghan Hounds are very stubborn and masterful dogs by nature, so sometimes the only experience will help to take control of the situation and achieve the desired result.

#3 The main task is the recognition by the Afghan Hound of the authority of the owner, this will greatly facilitate the process of education and training.

#4 From the first minutes in the house, the Afghan Hound must gradually recognize its place in it, as well as the rules that it must follow.

#5 Teaching commands is recommended to start at home, using everyday activities, for example, feeding, sleeping, games.

#6 The most important command for the Afghan Hound is “No.”

  1. I had two Afghan hounds in the late 1970s the biggest problem I had was the dog darting out the front door every time it was opened. I was told that if I let her just run the neighborhood she’d go so far so fast that she would get lost. Is that true

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