14 Useful Facts About The Rottweiler

In fact Rottweiler is a good family dog as they can be calm and gentle. 🤔Read to know more about them. 😋👌

#1 They’re clever and will take their time working out a situation before they act. This is why you’ll see some version of “Rottweilers are not for everyone” or “Rottweilers are not for first-time dog owners” on pretty much every informational site and book about Rottweilers.😏💖🤓

#2 They’re smart—sometimes smarter than their owners. More than one trainer has noted that they tend to be smarter and learn faster than their owners.😏😄

#3 These are dogs that must have training and socialization.🤗👌

#4 They`re generally easy to train but don’t go overboard with the repetitions or response time will get slower and slower.😏

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