Top 10+ Hilarious Rottweiler Christmas Memes | PetPress

Rottweilers are loved by many because of their playful personality and distinct level of intelligence and loyalty to their pet parents. Also known as Rotties, there are several celebrities who own this adorable type of breeds such as Will Smith, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Bruno Mars. So if you have a Rottie, have they been naughty or nice this festive season? They do actually have a funny side!

Check out the top 10+ Rottweiler Christmas memes that will make your day! 

#7 Looks like someone has some explaining to do!

#8 Poor pup! He just wanted Christmas treats!

#12 Enough Christmas memes for the day, here is a greeting from an adorable Rottie!

#13 You better watch out for the Queen of Treats, hooman!

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