57 Strong Horse Names For Draft Horses

Draft horses are strong and beautiful creatures, so why not give them a matching name? From classic to bold, there is a wide range of names that perfectly suit these majestic animals.

Whether you’re looking for something traditional or want to get creative with your draft horse’s name, this list has something for everyone.

So take a look at some of our favorite strong horse names for draft horses and find the perfect one!

  •     Napoleon
  •     Ike
  •     Hercules
  •     Viking
  •     Rambo
  •     Rodeo
  •     Gerd
  •     Balor
  •     Sadie
  •     Sleipnir
  •     Stormy
  •     Dynamite
  •     Rocky
  •     Flame
  •     Tara
  •     Max
  •     Magnum
  •     Charlie
  •     Bacardi
  •     Bronze
  •     Maximus
  •     Skadi
  •     Bella
  •     Copper
  •     Highlander
  •     Bandit
  •     Thunder
  •     Storm
  •     Merlin
  •     Sapphire
  •     Amazon
  •     Granada
  •     Chollima
  •     Campe
  •     Yankee
  •     Lancelot
  •     Olympic
  •     Mike
  •     Bud
  •     Thunderstorm
  •     Randy
  •     Dan
  •     Bucephalus
  •     Xena
  •     Buddy
  •     Epona
  •     Widow-Maker
  •     Captain
  •     Tank
  •     Kelpie
  •     Shadowfax
  •     Hel
  •     Goliath
  •     Thor
  •     Blackjack
  •     Duke
  •     Dexter


When it comes to naming your draft horse, there are no hard and fast rules. These horses belong to one of the black horse breeds and are quite majestic in their look. That is why they deserve a strong name.

Whether you opt for something classic like ‘Bandit’ or something more creative like ‘Bella’, one thing’s for sure – they’ll look mighty impressive strutting around the paddock with their newfound identity.

So saddle up and get ready to ride into the sunset with your trusty steed!

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