Top 20+ Famous Owls For Naming A Pet Owl – With References

Have you been looking for some famous owl names? Here, we have prepared a list of famous owls in pop culture that you may never have heard of. These pet owl names are not ordinary and we have researched where they actually came from!

Famous Owls References
Archimedes The Sword in the Stone
A children’s graphic novel series
Oliver Owl
Oliver Owl’s Character Tales by Michael Greyson
Big Mama The Fox and the Hound
Robert Twilight
Doyle Owl Mascot of Reed College
Sammy the Owl Mascot of Rice University
Mr. Owl Rusty Lake series
Professor Owl Disney’s Melody
The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh
Chandler Owlegories
Glimfeather The Chronicles of Narnia
Mr. Know It Owl Video school series
Owl Jolson I Love To Singa
Soren Legend of the Guardians
Hoots the Owl Sesame Street
Owl Winnie the Pooh
Bubo Clash of the Titans
Jareth Labyrinth
Owlboy Nintendo Switch game
Woodsy Owl
United States Forest Service
Kaepora Gaebora Zelda

So did you know where some of these names come from? It’s interesting to see owls being used as a fictional character. But if you need more owl name suggestions, then we got your back as we also have an owl name generator where you can create the best owl name by yourself.

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