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Owls have been always involved throughout history and across many cultures. Since then, they have always been magnificent creatures. If you have just recently got a pet owl, you may want to consider some mythological names that would be memorable. Owls are believed to be feared and admired birds and they represent wisdom and helpfulness. So check out this list of the amazing pet owl names in mythology and culture that you should consider.

Owl names in mythology for naming a pet owl
Ragana Baltic Owl Goddess
The Flower Owl Goddess
The Dark Owl Goddess
Barn Owl
The Bird of Doom and the Rose Thief
The Hindu Owl Goddess
The Silver Wheel

More Owl Names In Mythology

  • Newuks
  • Owl of Minerva
  • Kotan Kor Kamuy
  • Albertine
  • Zephyr
  • Lechuza
  • Apache
  • Nayenezgani
  • Kwagulth
  • Hopis
  • Askalaphos
  • Lenape
  • Zuni
  • Owl of Athena
  • Chikap Kamui
  • Athene Noctua
  • Cherokee
  • Noctua
  • Dakota Hidatsa
  • Spedis Owl
  • Cree

If you’re looking for a more specific owl name, then we also have an owl name generator. This useful tool will help create the best owl name based on gender, size, and even species!

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