40+ Names Meaning Owl: List of Names from Different Languages

Owls are symbols of wisdom and intelligence. They’re also some of the most adorable creatures on this planet. If you’re looking for names that mean owl, then you’ve come to the right place! This blog post features 40+ names meaning ‘owl.’ Explore and get to learn more about different languages with these names that mean ‘owl’!

names meaning owl

Here are the best names that mean ‘owl’. We’ve included their references or from which country they are called.

Names that mean ‘Owl’ from Different Languages

Bundi Swahili
Native American
Uil Afrikaans
Native American
Tiponya Miwok
Jeekwat Burmese
Sava Serbian
Chouette French
Coruja Portuguese
Peleda Lithuanian
Buf Albanian
Gube Kannada
Eerin Aboriginal
Pollo Finnish
is also “screech owl”
Kapueo Hawaiian
Ulmuka Indian
Ullu Hindi origin
Puce Latvian
Nascha Navajo
Eule German
Buma Arabic
Gufo Italian
Native American
Buho Spanish origin
Ulloo Hindi
Fukuro Japanese
Pechi Indian
Biblical origin meaning “of elfish nature”.
Ugla Norse origin
Kuwago Filipino
Pyachs Indian origin
Bulgarian, Croatian, Czech and a bunch of other languages
Shannon Celtic/Gaelic
Antai Tamil
Names that mean 'Owl' from Different Languages

Origins of Scientific Names for Owls

Here are some scientific names for different breeds of owls that you didn’t know about. You can also use them as names for your pet owl!

A variation of the original Greek word “otos”, meaning “owl”.
A variation of the Greek word “tuto”, meaning “owl”.
One of the ancient Greek deities, originally known as the goddess of night.
Formed from the Greek word “mikros”, meaning “small”.
The diminutive form of the Greek word “glaux”, or “little owl”.
A Latin word for bird of prey.
Latin for ‘Horned Owl’.
formed from “Strig”, the plural form of the Latin word “strix”, meaning “owl” and “formes”
Derived from “Strix”, a Latin word for owl (also the same in Greek)
From the Greek word “nuktia”, meaning “of the night”
Origins of Scientific Names for Owls

Owl names are a fun topic to explore. If you’re looking for the perfect name for your new pet, it’s always worth considering owl-related monikers when looking for name ideas.

The list of pet owl names will keep you busy reading and learning about different languages with these adorable creatures. And if you need more help narrowing down your top choices, don’t forget to try out our owl name generator.

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