How To Name Your Pet Owl – Top Name Articles For An Owl

What would you name a pet owl? In this article, we’re going to be taking you to the nocturnal world of pet owls and what names are the best for them. There are about 200 owl species around the world and are known to be intriguing but lovable birds. One of the most favorite owl breeds is the snow owls because of their white coats and patterns. Now, we have prepared a list of good pet owl names that can inspire you in naming your pet owl. 

Top Owl Names

When looking for the top owl names you may want to consider names that fit their personality as intriguing and mysterious birds. They easily catch the attention and curiosity of other birds being hoot owls. Also, did you know that owls can rotate their necks 270 degrees? Creepy right? So names like Fresco, Odus, Pietro for male owls and names like Thalassa, Athena, and Elara are names that fit these nocturnal bird species. 

Top Snow Owl Names

Snow owls are mostly large owls with dense feathering that make them look bulky while sitting. One beautiful thing about snow owls is their black and white patterns and their smooth round heads. If you’re looking for some good snow owl names, there a lot of cool references in this list of over 30 good names for snowy owls.

Top Owl Names Inspired by Harry Potter

Some people ask what is Hermione’s owl called? In this list, you will find out the owl names used in the Harry Potter movies – some that you may not know of. If you’re truly a Harry Potter fan and have a new pet owl, then you should consider one of the popular Harry Potter owl names used for the pet owls in the Wizarding World.


What is the best name for a pet owl?

There are many owl names you could consider such as Izzy. Other best owl names include Sparkle, Fozy, Charcoal, Winnie, and Gonzo. 

What is a cute owl name?

Owlbin is a cute owl name. Other cute and funny owl names include Hoo-Dini, Owlivia, Nimrod, and Winky.

What is a good female owl name?

Maia is a good female owl name you should consider. We also like Talia, Sidra, Quilla, and Celeste.


With the various names that you could consider from this list, there are many more lists of owl names you can view such as the owl names in mythology, harry potter owl names, and snow owl names. You can also try out our owl name generator to pick out the best owl name based on your preferences.

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