100+ Amazing Japanese Horse Names and Their Meanings!

Horse names in Japanese culture hold a lot of meaning and symbolism.

They are not just random words thrown together. The name you choose for your horse is important because it reflects the personality and character of the animal.

In this article, we will be showcasing over 100 Japanese horse names with their meanings so you can get some inspiration for your new pet horse!

You will find everything from easy to pronounce Japanese horse names to those that will take a little bit of time and effort to learn how to say them correctly.

So what are you waiting for? Check these cool Japanese name ideas.

japanese horse names

Male Japanese Horse Names (Stallions or Geldings)

Hikaru Radiance
Akemi Beautiful
Yoshi Good
Astushi Director
Anzu Apricot
Hitomi Pupil of eye
Sora Sky
Isamo Brave
Kauma Coal
Yuki Good fortune
Fumio Scholar hero
Emi Blessing
Daiki Glory
Otosan Father
Hayai Fast
Tora Tiger
Takashi Noble
Ryochi First son
Taichi large person
Toshi Voice
Airi Word for love
Norio Lawful man
Kaoru Fragrance
Sumo Ancient Japanese sport
Yoshi Lucky
Male Japanese Horse Names
Haruki Springtime wood
Kaiyo Ocean
Saku Bloom
Junichi Obedient first son
Masaaki Brightness
Ageru Raise
Hiroki Timber trees
Taiki Shine
Doki Doki Excited
Kenichi Healthy or strong
Riku Land
Kurumi Walnut
Rana Runner
Busuto Boost
Hitoshi Motivated person
Asami Morning beauty
Nami Wave
Dair Great
Chanoyu Traditional tea ceremony
Besuto Best
Tafu Tough
Katsu Victory
Emiko Beautiful child
Hato Pigeon
Takeo Warrior

Female Japanese Horse Names (Mares)

Daiki Noble
Hiroko Abundant child
Itsuki Timber trees
Kazuko Peaceful child
Emi Blessing
Kenta Strong and healthy
Hisako Long-lived child
Ichiro First born
Chica Scatter flower
Chiyoko Child of thousand generations
Masaki Timber tree
Hiromi Generous beauty
Kiyo Pure or Holly
Hina Vegetables
Hiromi Generous beauty
Yoki Good Fortune
Ichika Excellent
Yumi Beautiful
Manami Loving beautiful
Hanaro Flower child
Mitsuo Shining hero
Kiko Chronical child
Hitoshi Motivated pet
Hatoka Tall grain
Makoto Sincere
Female Japanese Horse Names
Akihiro Great brightness
Tomomi Beautiful friend
Haruko Spring child
Hideko Child of excellence
Rina Jasmine
Himari Long Jasmine
Kiyoshi Purity
Ceiko Truth
Hanako Flower girl
Akira Bright and color
Kimi Noble
Kei Blessing
Kaori Fragrance
Hiroaki Wild specious light
Akemi Beautiful
Eri Blessed prize
Hiroyuki Great Journey
Yuka Gentle Flower
Akiko Autumn season
Cieko Child of splendor
Kanna Guidance
Kanpai Cheers
Kumiko Companion
Sora Sky
Ayano Colorful woven silk

Famous Japanese Horse Names

Midoro From Dororo
Koruto Colt in Japanese
Equus Pandora Hearts
Sabur From Tari Tari
Aaron Anime character from King’s maker
Hinba Japanese name for mare
Partizia From The royal Tutor
Uma A poor girl who raised colt source , and alternative name for horse in Japanese
Miyako Silver spoon second season
Misaki A mini horse breed
Taishu Draft Japanese horse breed
Kouma A word for foal
Epona Brown hair female horse from anime character
Double Elight Silver spoon second season
Kokuoh Fist of North star
Ajax Consecutive race winner
Tokara A beautiful brown horse breed
Roba Word for Donkey in Japanese Language
Ran Action and drama film
Kiso A brown horse breed
Famous Japanese Horse Names

Japanese Food Names for Horses

Momo peach
Udon a thick wheat flour noodle
Yuzu citrus fruit
Matcha green tea
Satsumaimo sweet potato
Dango sweet dumpling
Senbei rice cracker
Pōkupan pork bun
Soba a buckwheat noodle
Mochi rice cake
Izakaya pub or bar
Kurumi walnut
Kit-Kat brand of chocolate
Sushi raw fish with rice
Sashimi raw fish served without rice

We hope this list of Japanese horse names has helped you in your search for the perfect name for your new pet.

The meanings behind these names are so beautiful and full of life! If you’re still struggling with finding a great name, take some time to think about what qualities you want in that special animal before choosing one.

You could also view our list of foreign horse names to get more ideas when naming your pet horse.

What meaning or word comes to mind when thinking about your future companion? Share it below and let us know how we could help find the right name for them!

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