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National Answer Your Cat’s Question Day: what to expect

National Answer Your Cat’s Question Day

National Answer Your Cat’s Question Day on January 22nd is a delightful and whimsical occasion encouraging cat owners to pay extra attention to their feline friends.

While our cats may not communicate with speech bubbles, the day prompts us to listen closely to their various vocalizations and behaviours, attempting to decipher the mysteries behind each meow and movement.

This unique day serves as a reminder to strengthen the bond between cat and owner by being attentive and responsive to the signals our cats send our way.

Whether it’s a curious chirp, a content purr, or a demanding meow, taking the time to understand and engage with our feline companions can deepen the connection and provide insights into their wants and needs.

So, on National Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day, take a moment to observe, listen, and respond to your cat’s cues.

It’s an opportunity for cat owners to foster a deeper understanding and appreciation for the non-verbal communication that makes the feline-human relationship so special.

What Is National Answer Your Cat’s Question Day?

National Answer Your Cat’s Question Day

National Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day, though whimsical, indeed doesn’t offer a magical solution to understanding every meow.

Rather, it’s an opportunity to engage in meaningful communication with your feline friend, making a genuine effort to comprehend the various sounds, movements, and behaviours they express.

Taking a moment to step into your cat’s perspective and consider the world from their point of view can be enlightening.

Rufus Thompson, a journalist, wisely suggests reflecting on what you can do to enhance your cat’s life and happiness.

This day serves as a gentle reminder to be attuned to your cat’s needs, fostering a deeper connection and promoting their overall well-being.

So, while the fantasy of decoding every feline utterance may remain elusive, National Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day encourages a thoughtful and empathetic approach to understanding and communicating with your beloved cat.

National Answer Your Cat’s Question Day: A Brief History

National Answer Your Cat’s Question Day

We owe the creation of National Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day to Ruth Roy and Thomas Roy of

Known for crafting various unique and light-hearted observances throughout the year, this dynamic duo decided to establish this particular day to provide people with an opportunity to deepen their understanding of cats.

Designed to encourage pet owners to observe their feline companions closely and seek answers to the questions their cats may be expressed through various behaviours, sounds, and movements, this day aims to foster a stronger bond between humans and their cats.

It serves as a reminder for cat lovers to engage in a thoughtful exploration of their pets’ needs and desires, ultimately contributing to the well-being and happiness of their feline friends.

National Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day is an invitation to celebrate the unique relationship between cat and owner by promoting understanding and communication, thereby creating a better and more enriched life for our beloved feline companions.

Questions Your Cat Wants to Be Answered

National Answer Your Cat’s Question Day

Why Are You Yelling at Me for Grasping the House’s Big, Soft Scratching Posts?

Cats scratching is very normal, but pricey, imported furniture from Scandinavia is not.

For cats, your new love seat serves as an enormous, elaborate scratching post to prevent their claws from becoming too long or to pass the time when they’re bored. Cats can also get relief from stress by scratching.

Your cat is undoubtedly curious about your stress-relieving practices, such as the red beverage you drink while staring at a glowing box.

    Why Do You Take Me Pictures Every Day?

    Cat, you’re cute. Take care of it.

    If you don’t want your cat to avoid your Instagram photo-taking efforts altogether, don’t use a flash. Additionally, be sure to take pictures of them when they are at their finest.

    No one wants to see a picture of their cat looking unhappy or distressed, like when one of their claws is stuck in something.

    Can’t I Go Outside for Just a Little Bit?

    I would have liked to be called Rapunzel.

    Like human children, your cat might not be able to discern when you’re making a choice that looks bad on the surface but is best for them.

    Consider obtaining your indoor cat a window perch or a good cat tree near a window so they may get a glimpse of the outside world if they appear to be yearning for it.

    Make sure your outside cat has unrestricted access to your house so they can return there.

    Why Do You Take Away My Personal Heating Pad?

    National Answer Your Cat’s Question Day

    I find it amusing to lay on, so I’m not sure why you’re upset.

    Laptops and other devices are considered heating pads by cats, not means of communication or productivity for their human owners.

    We take it away because we need it to function to keep feeding our cats and giving them the proper amount of catnip.

    If your cat is persistently laying or climbing on anything they aren’t supposed to, you may need to train them to break the habit.

    I can groom myself, and I don’t enjoy it. Is my tail twitching for you to, see?

    When I comb you, do you notice how much fur falls off of you? That’s fur that stays off the floor, my clothes, and the furniture. I’ll make an effort to shorten our brushing sessions, and as a reward, I’ll give you cookies or chin rubs!

    Why must I share your affection and focus with the dog?

    Really, what’s the purpose of the dog?

    The dog is liked by us. As a family, though, we promise to watch out for stress indicators and make sure you have enough room.

    If necessary, we will discuss with the veterinarian how to make your cohabitation happy.

    You are always welcome to ask us any more questions you and your cat may have! On Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day, or any other day, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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