Americans Spent Nearly $99 Billion On Their Pets (THIS YEAR)

The shocking news comes from CNBC that said Americans have spent nearly $100 Billion only on their pets this year. The number became so higher than in the previous years, because of the pandemic where people asked to stay at their home.

Since pet owners are staying in their home and spending more time with their pets, they tend to allocate more of their budget for their beloved pets, from food, gifts, birthday parties, Vet, clothing, etc.


And what’s amazing about this incident is not only for pet’s food that increases but it also something like pet’s birthday parties and products that keeps their pets busy and occupied while the owner can keep their work from home.


And we don’t think this phenomenon will end soon, but it’ll increase instead and people will spend much higher on their pets in the future. It’s because they have built a relationship with their pets during the pandemic and it’s hard to live like it used to be. 


Do you think we spend too much on dogs?

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  • How much did you spend for your pets monthly? (Food, Vet care, Grooming, Clothing, Training, etc)

    • Less than $100
    • $100 – $200
    • $200 – $300
    • $300 – $500
    • $500 – $999
    • $1000+

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