What is Your Dog’s Spirit Animal?

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    What would your dog do when there’s a burglar in the house?

    • A. Absolutely nothing! My dog doesn’t care.
    • B. Good luck burglar! Attack!
    • C. Bark like there’s no tomorrow
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    Time to play fetch! Your dog

    • A. Doesn’t care
    • B. is super excited for anything thrown at him/her
    • C. Catches the objects and destroys it!
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    How does your dog deal with another dog?

    • A. Instant bestfriends!
    • B. My dog hates other dogs!
    • C. Doesn’t care if there’s a visitor
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    How is your dog’s diet?

    • A. My dog would eat anything; even poop!
    • B. Dog food is love
    • C. My dog is a vegetarian!
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    There’s a cat in the family. Your dog:

    • A. would make friends with kitty
    • B. wouldn’t care about the cat
    • C. hates cats!
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    You’re expecting visitors. Should you panic?

    • A. No, my dog is the sweetest pet alive!
    • B. My dog doesn’t care and loves to sleep
    • C. Yes, dog cage time!
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    How is your when it comes to commands?

    • A. My dog is dumb sad to say
    • B. Sit, Roll, Play Dead! My dog can do anything
    • C. Needs training
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    You leave your dog at home, what is he/she like?

    • A. My dog would howl all day!
    • B. Treats and dog food would do the trick
    • C. My dog would mess up the whole house!
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    You want some time alone, your dog:

    • A. would do anything to get attention
    • B. would have his/her own “me” time as well
    • C. stares right into your soul
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    You have another puppy, your dog:

    • A. would probably eat the puppy (jealous)
    • B. will be happy to take care of the puppy
    • C. will attack you!
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    How active is your dog?

    • A. my dog doesn’t know how to stay still
    • B. My dog is lazy!
    • C. Active when he/she is in the mood
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    You’re eating your favorite snack. What does your dog do?

    • A. Beg for some of my snacks.
    • B. Puppy eyes 🙁
    • C. My dog will steal my snack
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    You play hide & seek with your dog. How likely will your dog find you?

    • A. My dog is a hunter
    • B. My dog has no clue where I hide
    • C. My dog won’t even care!
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    What will your dog do if you get angry at him/her?

    • A. Sits and do a sad face
    • B. Walks away like nothing happend
    • C. “Don’t you dare get angry at me, hooman”
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    Is your dog trained?

    • A. Nope, my house is his/her toilet
    • B. Very hygienic
    • C. Poops at pees at a particular spot
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    How is your dog with children?

    • A. My dog loves to play with children
    • B. My dog barks and scare them away. Sorry kids!
    • C. My dog doesn’t care
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    Describe your dog’s walking style.

    • A. Sniffs every corner
    • B. Casual walker
    • C. Runner!
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    Bedtime! Where does your dog sleep?

    • A. My dog sleeps next to me
    • B. My dog has his/her own bed
    • C. My dog sleeps on the bed and i sleep on the floor
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    How does your dog react in a dog park?

    • A. Run and join the party!
    • B. “So who is the tough guy here?”
    • C. Observe the scene with lots of sniffing and wags tail
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    You got physically hurt at home. Your dog:

    • A. will come to the rescue
    • B. won’t even budge
    • C. will bark like there’s no tomorrow

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