5 Tips to Celebrate ‘Respect Your Cat Day’ With Your Feline Friend

Did you know that there is a Respect Your Cat Day? It’s the day to celebrate you and your feline bestie! That means on this particular day, you should make sure to show your feline extra love. Whether it’s giving your kitty some bonus treats or a few extra pets, there are plenty of simple ways to respect your cat.

Respect Your Cat Day happens every March 28th and it is a time to celebrate our feline friends! Cats are amazing animals and they deserve our respect. In this blog post, we will discuss 5 tips for celebrating Respect Your Cat Day with your cat. So, this March 28, acknowledge all the hard work your cat puts into being your loyal companion.

5 Tips to Celebrate 'Respect Your Cat Day' With Your Feline Friend

Did you know?

44% of Americans prefer cats over friends

Looks like cats are better companions in the social world. According to a recent poll, 2 of 5 American cat owners would rather spend their time at home with their pet than go out with friends.

1 in 5 people Americans has even taken it a step further—they’ve used their cats as an excuse to avoid activities they don’t want to do.

1. Give your cat lots of love and attention.

Petting your cat may appear to be a simple process, but you might notice that the mood of your cat changes at times.

Give your cat lots of love and attention

Cats are complicated, as many cat owners know, you should be cautious where you pet them because they’re so difficult to understand. This is a wonderful suggestion, especially for children who may not know how to handle a cat without startling or disturbing them since cats require more fierce than dogs when it comes to petting them.

Cats enjoy being petted on the head and neck region, and it is best to avoid their belly. 

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2. Play with your cat using interactive toys.

Cats, like every other pet, require care and attention. Several wonderful toys can keep your cat engaged if you’re busy throughout the day.

Play with your cat using interactive toys

A robotic toy that moves on its own and a food-dispensing toy are excellent distractions for your cat. It’s important to remember, however, that these toys should not be used as a replacement for you physically playing with your cat. Don’t forget to check our list of DIY cat toys if need some ideas.

3. Feed your cat a healthy diet.

“How much should I feed my cat?” is one of the most often asked questions on the internet.

Just like humans, not all cats need the same diet. The quantity of food your cat requires will differ from other cats based on their metabolism, lifestyle, and activity level.

Feed your cat a healthy diet

It’s also best to figure out what to feed your cat and check the differences between the various dry and wet foods, along with the feeding guidelines each manufacturer recommends.

4. Maintain your cat’s coat

Brushing your cat’s coat is an important aspect of being a cat parent. It maintains their coat and helps to prevent illness throughout the body.

Maintain Your Cat’s Coat

Long-haired cats can have issues with knots and matted hair, so it’s critical to brush them every day to avoid this.

There are several types of brushes that are ideal for long-haired cats, and it’s important to recognize where matted hair may build up so you know where to focus on brushing.

5. Give your cat opportunities to hide and perch

Cats are both predator and prey animals, having distinct characteristics on each side. Offer your cat places to hide and perch up high to help them feel at ease with both sides of their personality.

Give your cat opportunities to hide and perch

A lookout tower that provides climbing surfaces and hiding locations is an excellent method to meet your cat’s needs. They can survey their territory for threats, or “prey,” from above while their prey nature may feel secure and safe in a little, dark cage.

Understanding your cat’s body language is critical. Knowing what basic bodily gestures imply can help you have a better relationship with them.

Respecting your cat means recognizing them, as well as caring for them, which will help you have a better connection with them.

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