25+ Unique Lion Names For Naming A Lion – With Meanings

Lions are definitely one of the strongest cat species on Earth. They usually live in groups (also called ‘pride’) which can consist of up to 30 lions, lionesses, and cubs. They are special wild animals and that is why we came up with this list of over 25 unique lion names that you should consider for your pet. These lion names have meanings too!

unique lion names for naming a lion
Unique Lion NamesMeanings/References
KiaraOne of the main characters in Disney’s the Lion King.
KingBecause the lion is the king of the jungle.
PumaAnother kind of big cat that can be used as a name
ApolloName of one of the Greek gods.
LexieLexie the Lion is an adorable moniker
NamibiaName of a country in Africa.
ChephirahThis word means lion.
CubbyBecause a lion has cubs.
BathshebaAwesome name for a lion.
RomeoFrom Romeo and Juliet
BootsThis is an adorable name for a cub.
HunterLions are known for being exceptionally good hunters.
ArmaniThis is another African name. It also happens to be the name of a major.
AhadiA character in the Lion King.
VitaniAnother Lion King name.
AaliyahA pretty name for a lion.
KaziA hip-sounding name that is African in origin.
SurabiA character in the Lion King film.
NessieThis is a nickname based on ‘lioness’.
SnickersAnother great name for a lion who reminds you of a chocolate bar.
SprinklesA kitten name that was stolen for baby lions.
SudanThis is a country in Africa, but it would also be a great name for a lion.
JakeA fun traditional name
LeoLeo is the zodiac sign that is represented by the magnificent lion.
AriAn adorable name that is said to mean lion.
NalaSimba’s girlfriend in the first Lion King movie.
NamibA cool-sounding African name.
AbbasA beautiful sounding name that is actually said to mean lion.

Aside from unique lion names, you can create a funny, cute, or even a normal lion name from our lion name generator which gives the best name based on gender.

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