20+ Japanese Lion Names – Best Names In Japanese With Meanings

‘Raion’ is the normal Japanese word for lion which can also be used as a lion name. One terrific thing about the Japanese language is how unique it sounds for a name and so we’ve created a list of Japanese names that is fit for a lion. Check out this list of over 20 cool Japanese lion names.

japanese lion names for naming a lion
Japanese namesMeaning
Hana (flower)
Shinju (pearl)
Toshiko (clever)
Masumi (clarity)
Nori (seaweed)
Kimi (noble)
Asami (morning beauty)
Adzuki (red bean)
Aki (spring)
Haru (sunlight)
Pochi (a classic dog name like “Spot”)
Yuri (lily)
Yuki (good fortune)
Momo (peach)
Ryuu (dragon)
Amaya (night rain)
Sora (sky)
Rina (jasmine)
Tadao (loyal)
Kurumi (walnut)
Miyu (gentle)
Megumi (blessing)
Yumi (beautiful)

Looking for another specific lion name? We also have a lion name generator that can help you create a good name based on gender and size too.

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