Top Lion Name Articles – Best Ways To Name A Lion

Looking for the best lion names? These wild cats are mostly located in Africa and a small population exists elsewhere. In this article, we’re going to be taking you to the wild world of lions and what names are the best for them. There are 7 lion subspecies that currently exist such as Katanga, Congo, Asiatic, etc. One type of the surviving lion species at present is the Panthera leo. Now, we have prepared a list of the best lion name ideas that can inspire you in naming a lion.

Top Female Lion Names

To every king, there is a queen. Prides consists of female lions or lionesses. While female cubs normally remain loyal to their pride as they grow up, most male cubs leave the pride to establish their own pride. Female lion names such as Aaliyah, Nala, Xena, and Aurora are the most popular female lion names commonly used.

Top Male Lion Names

In every pride, a male lion takes over and defend the pride’s territory while female lions do most of the hunting. They are truly the protectors of a lion’s pride and are known as the “king of the jungle”. Names such as  Leonidas, Fang, and Nova are examples of male lion names that you should consider.

Lion King Inspired Names

A classic like the Lion King cartoon movies and live-adaptation has been one of the biggest inspirations when coming up with lion names. ‘Simba’ has been the most commonly used name inspired by the popular lead character. It’s difficult to remember all of the character’s names so we have compiled a list of all Lion King inspired names for lions! 

Baby Lion Names(And Cubs)

Most cubs (or baby lions) are both with tawny black sports which disappear as they grow older. As they are unable to defend themselves, cubs are usually vulnerable to be attacked by large birds and snakes and even male lions from other prides. Examples of cub or baby lion names are Boots, Luna, Lexie, and Skip.  


What are good lion names

Kiara (means “lion” in Japanese) is a good lion name for lionesses. On the other hand, Ari (means “lion” in Hebrew) is a good name for male lions.

What is a name of a male lion

Hugo is a good name for a male lion that you should consider. We also like Apollo, Maximillion, and Winston for these wild cats!

What is a famous lion name?

Lippy The Lion is a famous lion name that is considered for every lion. Also, Makunga (Madagascar) and Kion (The Lion Guards) are famous lion names commonly used. 


It is important to know that all surviving lion species are in fact in danger of extinction. Lions live in herds and inhabit the grasslands, savannas, and jungles of Africa. To make it easier to name lions, we have a handy Lion Name Generator that could help you choose the best names for a lion based on your preferences!