120+ Best Water Dog Names: Water-Themed Names for Dogs

Looking for the perfect name for your water-loving pup?

Check out this list of over 120 water dog names!

From “Aqua” to “Zephyr,” these names are perfect for dogs who love swimming, playing in the rain and taking baths.

So whether you’re looking for a dog name that reflects your dog’s personality or simply want to pay respect to the water itself, we’ve got you covered.

water dog names

Here are the best water-themed dog names for you to consider in naming your new pup.

Male Water Dog Names with Meanings

Male Water Dog Names with Meanings
Ren Meaning water lily
Brine The salty foam of the sea
Splash Making waves in the puddles is a pastime of some dogs
Wade A move through shallow water
Rio Spanish for river
Blue The associated color of water
River A large flow of water
Ox Short for an oxbow lake, which is a complete ring
Reef A ridge of coral and rock
Caspian After the Caspian Sea
Ross Another word for peninsula
Dylan Meaning of the sea
Dover Another word for water
Irving Meaning green water
Calder Meaning stream
Marlin A large saltwater fish
Neptune The Roman God of the Sea
Maxwell A great stream
Marlow Meaning drained lake
Laiken Gaelic for lake
Red After the Red Sea
Jordan Meaning flowing down
Mariner A professional of the sea
Morgan Meaning a sea circle
Kawai Meaning water
Jorah An autumn rain
Zale Meaning strength of the sea
Brooks Small flowing arteries of water

Female Water Dog Names with Meanings

Female Water Dog Names with Meanings
Kairi Japanese for relating to the water
Neredia A sea nymph
Hydra Latin for water
Moana Meaning deep ocean in Hawaiian
Maya A Hebrew work meaning brook
Laguna Spanish for lagoon
Ocean A large body of salt water
Rain Drops of water from the sky
Kai Basque for the pier
Anat A water spring
Brook A small artery of water
Cordelia Daughter of the Sea
Altanta A reference to the Atlantic Ocean
Darya A variant of the Persian word for sea
Aphrodite Meaning sea foam
Talise Meaning lovely water
Hali From the Greek word meaning sea salt
Mizuko Meaning water child
Aqua A blue color associated with the sea
Agua Spanish for water
Aquarius The Zodiac sign associated with water
Pacifica A reference to the Pacific Ocean
Misty Fine droplets of water that hang in the air
Spring A natural well of water
Tulia A heavy rain
Nixie A sea nymph
Indra Possessing drops of rain
Nerissa A Greek sea nymph
Storm Sometimes a fierce show of water’s power
Maris Meaning of the sea

Beautiful Water Dog Names

Beautiful Water Dog Names
  • Lana (To be calm as still waters)
  • Ocean (A large body of salt water)
  • Nemo (A famous fish and star of a movie)
  • Orca (Type of whale)
  • Rain (Drops of water from the sky)
  • Hurricane (Severe storm)
  • Calder (Meaning stream)
  • Cordelia (Daughter of the Sea)
  • Spring (A natural well of water)
  • Talise (Meaning lovely water)
  • Maris (Meaning of the sea)
  • Share
  • Catalina (A type of boat)
  • Sailor (Someone who works on a boat)
  • Splash
  • Dover (Another word for water)
  • Misty (Fine droplets of water that hang in the air)
  • Neredia (A sea nymph)
  • Brook (A small artery of water)
  • Coral (Animals that make up a coral reef)
  • Duck
  • Bass (A type of fish)
  • Brizo
  • Breezy (Mild wind)
  • Neptune (The Roman God of the Sea)
  • Convoy (A group of ships traveling together)
  • Scuba (Term used by Scuba Divers)
  • Pearl
  • Azure
  • Pacifica (A reference to the Pacific Ocean)
  • Storm
  • Nixie (A sea nymph)
  • Compass
  • Admiral (A high ranking naval officer)
  • Ariel
  • Captain
  • Ray
  • Ren (Meaning water lily)
  • Marlin (A large saltwater fish)
  • Dory (A small shallow boat)

Charming Water Dog Names

Charming Water Dog Names
  • Hydra (Latin for water)
  • Wade (A move through shallow water)
  • Beach (Land area by the sea)
  • Teal
  • Maya (A Hebrew work meaning brook)
  • Sandy
  • Caspian (After the Caspian Sea)
  • Moana
  • Kawai (Meaning water)
  • Surf
  • Poseidon
  • Dylan (Meaning of the sea)
  • Gilligan
  • Brooks (Small flowing arteries of water)
  • Brine
  • Black Beard (Legendary pirate)
  • Reef
  • Bahama (Reference to the tropical island)
  • Jordan (Meaning flowing down)
  • Frigate (A type of warship)
  • Zale (Meaning strength of the sea)
  • Mariner (A professional of the sea)
  • Rio (Spanish for river)
  • Lir
  • Nerissa

We’ve also compiled a list of over 120 popular water-themed names for dogs so you can find the perfect name to suit your pup.

There are options ranging from adorable, like “Maxwell” or “Hydra” all the way to more unusual picks such as “Kawai.”

Some have an aquatic theme while others fit much better with our four-legged friends. Just like our beach dog names which are really related to the beaches.

What do you think? Is there one that stands out among them all? Let us know in the comments below!

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