13 Photos That Prove Pugs Love Adventures

Pug set off for adventures with his owner and became a new internet star!

#1 Meet Norm, a charming pug who loves adventure. The owner of Norm, blogger Jeremy Vich, loves to travel and always takes his beloved dog with him.

#2 They walk along uncharted paths, conquer new peaks and simply discover the world together.

#3 The guys managed to wander through the mountains of Washington, sunbathe on the beaches of Oregon, and also get lost in the streets of San Francisco.

#4 “It’s cool to travel around the world with your best friend who’s always with me,” says Vich enthusiastically.

#5 “Norm feels great in a car, on a boat, on a plane – in general, in almost any vehicle.”

#6 The couple documents their trips for an Instagram page, where they have already gathered 340 thousand subscribers.

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