15 Books About Pugs (Part 1)

Funny and interesting pug stories, want to read? We offer a list of books that will be interesting to all owners of pugs.

#1 “The Everything Pug Book: A Complete Guide To Raising, Training, And Caring For Your Pug” (2005) by Kim Campbell Thornton.

#2 Pig books by Aaron Blabey: Pig the Fibber (2015), Pig the Winner (2016), Pig the Elf (2016), Pig the Star (2017), Pig the Grub (2018) and Pig the Tourist (2019).

#4 Diary of a Pug series by Kyla May: Pug Blasts Off (2019), Pug’s Snow Day (2019), Paws for a Cause (2020), Pug’s Got Talent (2020).

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