14 Pros And Cons Of Owning Pugs

Pugs seem to be just perfect, but the downsides are still there. Although there are few disadvantages, the future owner should know the pros and cons of the breed.

#1 Goodwill, credulity.

A pug loves any person, so it can be easily offended, stolen. An outsider can entice a doggie and he will happily run after him.

#2 Stubbornness.

Sometimes pugs show truly donkey stubbornness, making them do something against their will is hard. Therefore, if you want the dog to carry out the commands, you need to teach obedience from childhood.

#3 Cunning.

Pugs always try to achieve what they want, pretending to be sick, unhappy.

#4 Pugs do not tolerate loneliness.

If you leave the dog alone for a long time, then out of longing it can begin to do petty nasty things.

#5 Good hygiene.

Pugs have a naturally smooth and short coat, so they are fairly easy to keep clean. The only possible hygiene problem is wrinkles on their face that need to be cleaned regularly.

#6 Vigorous.

Pugs, especially young ones, are always full of energy and will be happy to play a variety of games with you. They will do almost everything to get your attention.

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