14 Adorable Facts About The Shar-Pei

#7 Shar-Peis have two different types of muzzles: if its muzzle is heavily padded, the Shar Pei is known as a “meat mouth”; if its mouth is less padded, it is known as a “bone mouth.” 😊

#9 Shar-Peis should be allowed to spend time both indoors and outdoors, but should not be considered an “outside dog.”😏

#10 Shar-Peis do not shed year-round. They shed only at seasonal intervals, usually twice year.👍

#11 Historically, farmers near the South China Sea depended on the Shar-Pei’s famous “warrior scowl” to help repel barbarian raiders.😊

#12 If a Shar-Pei has a coat longer than an inch at the withers, it is called a “bear coat” and is not considered breed standard.🙄🤔

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