14 Interesting Facts About Shar-Peis

The Shar-Pei (or Chinese Shar-Pei) is an ancient breed of dog that traces its ancestry back 2,000 years to the southern provinces of China where it was used as hunters, herders, and protectors.

#2 Shar-Pei is also known as the “sharkskin dog,” the “oriental fighting dog,” the “Chinese bulldog,” or the “oriental gladiator.”

#3 For much of its history, the Shar-Pei was considered a fighting dog.

#4 The term “Shar-Pei” means “sand skin” or “sand-paper-like coat,” which refers to the dog’s bristle-like coat.

#5 The Shar-Pei’s small ears are the ears of a fighting dog and act as a type of defense mechanism.

#6 Shar-Peis housetrain earlier than most breeds because they are naturally clean and intelligent.

  1. After getting my 1st Pei- I was doomed… I now have (3) Pei’s & are the most lovable, loyal, brilliant, & beautiful souls on earth. They are my best friends & protectors ❤️ & I can’t imagine life w/out them. Oh the snuggles are on point too 🥰

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