14 Interesting Facts About Akitas That You Should Know

There are dog breeds well known all over the world, with an old, large pedigree – even a child will immediately recognize them. A noisy story, a cinematic debut can easily bring the breed to the world stage, make it super popular. So it happened with the Akita Inu breed. After the film, HACHI: A DOG’S TALE,🐕💓 with its dramatic history, the broad masses learned about the Japanese breed Akita Inu, and today it is at the top of the popularity rating.

#2 These dogs have been living in Japan for more than eight thousand years, as evidenced by archaeological finds and conclusions of historians.

#3 The ancestors of this breed are the Japanese hunting dogs Matagi Inu.

#4 In the seventeenth century, there were many hunting dogs, but there were not enough guards, so Akita Inu received a new qualification in which they showed themselves more than successfully.

#5 For their merits, the dogs were at the imperial court, gradually the breed became elite and inaccessible to ordinary people.

#6 There is even confirmed that one of the Japanese rulers issued a decree on the death penalty or imprisonment of everyone who encroaches on Akita Inu’s life and health.

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