14 Pros and Cons of Siberian Huskies

#7 It does not require special food.

Husky can be fed, as well as other dogs. They do not eat exclusively meat and other products, the cost of which will be comparable to food purchased for people.

#8 High intelligence.

Husky has an excellent mentality. At a minimum, this is expressed in the fact that they love games in which they need to look for something.

#9 Stubbornness.

Most often, dogs of this breed follow their master only if he is strong enough to cope with such an inflexible nature. Weak-minded people simply will not be able to tame dogs with such a wayward character.

#10 Leadership and independence.

Despite his love for the owner, the husky has something from a freedom-loving wolf, which walks on its own. So you should watch the dog and not let it go far alone.

#11 Not suitable as a guard. A dog cannot be a good watchman.

Husky is non-aggressive to everyone, and do not try to change this. Their instincts have a completely different trait.

#12 Molting is very plentiful.

Molting of these dogs occurs 2 times a year and lasts about 3 weeks, during which time the husky changes the undercoat completely, which means that cleaning will occur 2 times more often.

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