15 Advantages And Disadvantages of Akita Inu

Representatives of the Akita Inu breed are very calm and social animals, they are extremely clean.🐕💕 Their habits depend on how the owner will take up the upbringing. If the animal is brought up correctly, it will differ in such traits as devotion and patience. The pet will reflect only the best sides of its owner and will become an excellent companion to him.

#1 Cleanliness.

They are easy to care for and have no specific odor.

#2 High level of intellectual development.🤓

If you say something to the animal, then it can immediately understand the owner and perform the rear action.

#3 Animal loves to walk.⛅🌞

If the owner leads an active lifestyle, then this advantage will allow you to better make contact with your dog.

#4 It easily tolerates any weather conditions.

Akita Inu can live both in a street aviary and in a house.

#5 Good watchdog qualities.

The dog, as a guard, guards the property of the owner, not being afraid of dangers and difficulties.

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