15 Amazing Facts About Mastiffs For Those Who Are Going To Adopt The Dog

Mastiffs are known to be gentle giants. They are big, powerful but very kind dogs. That is why today a lot of people want to have one of them at home. But there are some things you should definitely know to make sure that such a dog will become the best choice for you.

#1 Mastiffs are calm dogs; they are not tending to behave in an aggressive way😉

That is why they can easily become friends of any family, even with small children.

#2 They are really big😍

In fact, they can be up to 36 inches tall and 120-170 pounds for females and 160-230 for males.

#3 Mastiffs have much longer puppy phase compare to other breeds

And actually they don’t reach final mental and physical maturity until these dogs are 3 years old.

#4 Your dog will need a lot of space for activities

Be sure that you have a spacious fenced yard where your pet can do some activities. Moreover, to stay in good shape, these dogs need regular exercise. But they are bad jogging partners.

#5 They hate to stay alone

Mastiffs love companionship – a lot of it every day.

#6 Mastiffs need frequent and earlier socialization than the other breeds😃

These dogs are mostly polite with people and other dogs but sometimes they can be extremely shy or aggressive. That is why owners should continue this socialization throughout their life.